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Chou Chin has operated in the food industry for almost 30 years. Its distribution channels had also matured. In addition to the overall distribution channel planning, based on our experiences, we are able to provide you with completed market operation guide.
Besides selling our own products, Chou Chin is presently marching toward a professional marketing company. We sincerely welcome you to be our business partner. By strategic alliance, we will achieve professional labor division, effectively utilize the limited resources, and reach the goal of getting twice results with half effort.

Our services including:
◎Island-wide channel coverage
  Managing different type of channel with integrated sales and promotion plan. Our island-wide channel coverage is over 40000 outlets, including CVS, Hypermarket, Supermarket, P/X and General Trade.

◎Market price control

  To avoid price conflict among modern and general trades, we supply different product formats, price structure and sales promotion to channel to meet their consumers need.

◎Professional sales forces align with product sale
  Under our professional sales team’s operation in view of product sale and channel buyer’s demand to build up our ability of market control, in addition we setting up six sales branch office among metropolitan area to enhance the elasticity of the business operation.

◎SWOT analysis
  Through product’s SWOT analysis and suggest future product development plan.

We have the most expertise sales team:
◎Our sales expertise:
  Products outlets coverage, the channel development, in-store mass display and merchandising management.

◎Our business partner:
  Unilever Taiwan Ltd. (distribution since 1998)
Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc (since 1997)
7-11 (joint product development)
Vitalon Foods Company (regional distribution)
AGV PRODUCTS CORP. (barley product distribution)
Fa-Yi, Chong-De Tao Center (regional distribution)

◎Our customer:
  Our channel coverage including national CVS, Supermarket, Hypermarket, P/X, Wholesaler, Sub-wholesaler, Out of Home (impulsive outlets) and beetle nut stands etc. over 40,000 outlets.

◎Our vision:

  The best foods marketing expertise company in Taiwan.

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