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1972 Chou Chin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established
1973 Huatan plant was set up. Producing "Sweet" series fruit juice for domwstic sale.
1975 "Bomy" mixed fruits & Vegetable juice was launched.
1976 Changhua plant was completed and started operation.
1979 Apply Wang-US computer system, start to work on computerization.
1981 Bomy series won the Food/Europe 1981 Award.
1982 The company installed a 1,000 ml Tetra Pak packing line.
1983 250 ml Tetra Pak fillers were installed.
Bomy 250 ml Tetra Pak series was launched.
1984 Changhua Plant was ranked "New Quality Control-Grade A" by the Commodity Inspection Bureau.
1985 Gatorade Thirst Quencher was introduced to the market.
1986 Finish installment of HP3000 computer system.
1987 Vending machines were introduced to the market.
1988 Automatic canned fruit juices production lines were installed..
1989 Bomy 1,000 ml canned Juices were launched.
Bomy Convenience Store was opened in Taichung area.
Taichung office building was completed.
1990 Taichung factory of Taichung industrial area was erected.
Greenworld cooperarted with Campbell Soup Company and started marketing Campbell's condensed soup.
Being Taiwan sale agent for Swanson chicken broth and V8 juice.
Bomy Mixed Fruits & Vegetables Juice won a Bronze Medal in the Beverage Category of Advertising Contest, which was sponsored by China Times.
Awarded with Excellent Communications Prize of 1990 International Marketing of Summer Season Vege-Fruit Juice.
1991 Bomy products were certified and obtained CAS Standard.
Contract signed with Taipei Trading Co. and Okamura Co. for logistics system.
Signed Co-packing contract agreement with Unilever Co. for Lipton Tea Products.
Officially traded in Taiwan Stock Exchange market.
1992 Contract singed with the Brother Elephants baseball Team for a joint Pro Baseball promotion.
Established Shanghai Bomy Food Stuff Co., Ltd.
Certified and obtained Japanese JAS standard.
The production lines of Can and Tetra Pak passed the examination by Food GMP organization.
1993 Held island-wide award of new balanced life concept.
1994 Established FAST DC Co., Ltd. to handle logistics business.
1995 Being the agent of EKU Beer from Germany and the licence of Bo Bo Tea from Hong Kong.
1996 Recognized by low-acid beverage food GMP.
Launch glass-bottled Vitamin C beverages- Popat C Plus.
1997 Produced and distributed the US first-brand Ocean Spray series.
Strategic alliance with Unilever.
Sales agent for Lipton series.
1998 Established Construction Enterprise and sold the first building - Bomy Precious House.
Reinvested Veggietop company and re-named it as Greenworld Food Company.
Shanghai Bomy factory started OEM production for Unilever Lipton series, and launched My Date series in Shanghai.
1999 Launched chilled products- Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Juices
Installed Tetra Pak 330ml production line.
Chou Chin Company was consequently awarded as Premium Suppliers by General Welfare Service Headquarter.
2000 Completed and started using automatic warehouse system at Chuang-Hua factory.
Chung-Hua plant awarded by Unilever annual appraisal and graded as the only grade "A" OEM factory in Asia.
Sales agent for Ocean Spray series.
2001 Bomy established Electronics Enterprise.
Chuang-Hua factory installed new Tetra Pak production line.
2002 Chou Chin Electronics Enterprise formerly operated on January 1, majoring on ADSL, Modem, MTU., etc. communication products, and progressively expanded Hi-building community Internet platform services.
Established Bomy fruit & vegetable juices professional website, which was the most comprehensive website of beverage industry in Taiwan.
Launched three new products: Yellow Wild Vegetables, Red Wild Vegetables, and Yogurt Wild Fruits, created a brand new health concept on chilled products.
2003 Chang-Hua factory installed Tetra Pak Prisma 250ml production line and TR18 production line.
Launched the first Prisma product of Ocean Spray.
Shanghai Bomy Factory obtained ISO certification, Dajia Factory- Greenworld also obtained Common Food and Frozen Food Dual GMP certification. .
2004 Greenworld promoted the prepared food in terms of meat and vegetarian diet series.
Chang-Hua factory installed additional TR7 production line.
Shanghai Bomy was assigned as a premium supplier by Japanese Friendly Company, AS Corporation, East Food Company, Sumitomo Corporation, and Fuji Corporation.
High-speed Railroad Co., Ltd. and Sanmiguel Beer contracted with FAST DC as their service Logistics company.
2005 Terminated Electronics business.
Chang-Hua factory installed PET production line and RO pure water facility.
Shanghai Bomy OEM for Japanese Ben-song Company and Chou-Sheng Company, which were exported to the USA and Hong Kong.
Greenworld acquired the Bean Family’s green beans distribution and launched ISLIM balanced vigor cookie series.
Fast DC contracted with new customer Global Distribution Company and so on.
2006 Fast DC contracted with new customer General Mills Taiwan-Green Giant.
2007 Launched Daily 100% Vege-Fruit Juice.
2008 Chang-Hua factory installed new production line of Prisma 500 & 1000ml.
Greenworld –Dajia factory launched Onion Energy Drink.
Launched Bomy TP160ml. drink series.
2009 Launched Prisma330 & 500ml Mixed Vege-Fruits Drink, Juice Bar Pomegranate Juice Drink,
Roco, Pulp-Mate and Tea drink series.
Co-Packing for 7-11 chain-store channel for Smoothies Juice.
Greenworld-Dajia factory ODM 100% fresh juice for Mos Burger.
2010 Launched the lowest calories Mixed Vegetables & Fruits Juice Drink and Herb Tea Drink series.

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