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“Bomy” is a major brand name of the Chou Chin . In 1975 the 1st can of Bomy fruit & vegetable juice was sold in the market. We have been selling it in Taiwan for more than 35 years. The total sales volume is over 3 billion packs. It is the No.1 brand name in Taiwan’s “fruit & vegetable juice” market. In recent years we have developed an integrated marketing strategy, and under the encouragement of product spokesman, Bomy has successfully created a tendency of “Drinking Mixed Fruit & Vegetable Juice for Making Up of Always Eating Out”. Consequently our fruit & vegetable juice drinks boosts sales in double digits growth.

In addition to our own brands, Chou Chin also had experiences of representing international brand’s distribution in Taiwan in the past, such as Unilever’s “Lipton” RTD products and co-packing for “Ocean Spray”(the No.1 USA juice brand)juice products. By integrating production, distribution and sale, we always keep in mind that we are the service and marketing-oriented company in conventional industries. We must act as the best business partner to our clients.

We are one of the pioneers of Taiwan OEM business on beverage. Through a continuous upgrading on quality and equipment, Chou Chin has become a professional and the largest beverage OEM factory in Taiwan.

We are different from common regional distributors on the beverage sales model. Chou Chin sets up direct sales offices in 6 metropolitan areas across Taiwan. We can directly control the sale of the outlets and their feedback, and ensure that all products are well displayed on the shelves.
Furthermore, Chou Chin establishes FAST DC to handle product delivery to our channel clients. We set up three warehousing centers in north, central and south Taiwan. We owned over one hundred transport vehicles, and can offer the best delivery services for our own products and customer’s products.
From production, quality control, distribution to the shelf, Chou Chin has successfully integrated all the operation links. You are cordially welcome to become our business partner, and work together with us to create a brand new business territory.

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